Sunday, November 30, 2008

Money Crisis

Salamun alaikum

Crisis, what crisis, an album from a band called Supertramp had a song called Poor Boy, and it seems fitting these days. Here are the lyrics;

Can you believe me when I say, "There's nothin' I like better"
Than just to sit here and talk with you
Although I'll rant and I'll rave about one thing and another
The beauty of it is so pure to me, though
I'm a poor boy
I can still be happy as long as I can feel free

So many people I know, get old way too early
(Well are you feelin' kind of weary?)
Just to impress you with the money they've made
(You better, you better, you better change your theory)
One drop of rain, they complain
It's the same about the ways they're earning

Well, that is not the way I'm gonna be
Don't mind the rain, don't mind snow, don't mind nothin'
If I know, you will be right here with me

We'll let her stay, don't mind a point of view
How can we all afford to live like you?
This simply life is simply not enough
We have no grievances, we must be tough

(Poor boy)
If that's the way it's gonna be
(Poor boy)
It's you for you and me for me
(Poor boy)

I've tried all I can, understanding, all the fools and all their money
When half of what they've got, you know they never will use
Enough to get by, suits me fine, I don't care if they think I'm funny
I'm never gonna change my point of view

Don't mind the rain, don't mind snow, don't mind nothin'
If I know, you will be right here with me, all the way
Na na na
Don't mind the rain, don't mind snow, dont' mind nothin'
If I know, you will be right here with me

once there were a song with these words.

Today there is a world wide economic crisis and I do not pretend in any way to understand it or have any solution. I will just ask you to read this article first, “An article on banking”. It is found on;

There you download and read the file “Anarticleonbanking.doc” There are other books there to read for free also, but this time I ask you to read the article on banking and money creation.

As you can see on this article and the links found therein, the creation of money is come to be a way for enslavement instead a blessing. Linked to the modern money system are interests and shares.

The Holy Quran tell us to earn our money on work, trade or investment, not earning from money (like having money in the bank and earn interest = usury).

Quran 2:275. Those who consume usury do not rise except as one being influenced by the devil’s touch. That is because they have said: “Trade is the same as usury.”

While God has made trade lawful, and He has forbidden usury. Whoever has received understanding from His Lord and ceases, then he will be forgiven for what was before this and his case will be with God. But whoever returns, then they are the people of the Fire, in it they will abide eternally.

Quran 2:276. God condemns usury, and He grants growth to the charities. And God does not like any wicked sinner.

Quran 2:277. Those who believe and do good works, and honor the affirmation, and contribute towards betterment; they will have their rewards with their Lord and there is no fear over them nor will they grieve.

Quran 2:278. O you who believe, be aware of God and give up what is left from usury, if you are truly believers.

Quran 2:279. And if you will not do this, then take notice of a war from God and His messenger; but if you repent, then you will have back your principal money, you will not be wronged nor will you wrong.

Quran 4:161. And for their taking of usury, while they were told not to do so, and for them consuming peoples money unjustly. We have prepared for the disbelievers amongst them a painful retribution.

There are other verses about how to earn our money and about usury. I hope more clever people than me will study this and come up with an economic system along the guidelines of Allah. This is needed in this world as the system of today with its cyclic crashes that harms so many people.

I know many Muslims today seem to think that normal bank-interest is OK, and living in this world it seem to be the only way to get your own home by borrowing money from the bank. We had to borrow money in the bank for steep interest, and every month we pay mostly interest and a small down payment.

This can not be right, and according to the Holy Quran it is NOT right. So my question to you all is; “What can we do?”

Many of the companies going broke today have a board of directors earning millions of dollars yearly. And these days they ask for government help, our help, and still they give themselves big bonuses; Greed, plain greed.

Since people without fear of Allah and judgment have no boundaries for their materialistic greed, so society needs to have laws and regulations to balance this behavior.

Many scream socialism and any –ism when there is talk about tax and regulations, but the reality is that we all need laws and the laws need to be aligned to Truth.

We as Muslims know this, we believe in the greatest law-giver of all, Allah the Exalted. So we Muslims should develop a new politic, free for tribalism, greed, fear and a system where those in power are truly the peoples servants. I do believe we need this now, and we all know what we don’t want as well as much of what we do want.

So brother and sister, go into politic, hold dear to the principles found in the Holy Quran and change the world. Make sure when seeking guidance you use the only fully detailed book on these matters, namely the Holy Quran.

May Allah bless us all.

PS. This article was written by Bahr.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Salamun alaikum

Today I will share my new found thoughts on fasting ("asshiyaamu"). As you may have understood I do not follow the majority of Muslims. I have rather distanced myself from their erroneous beliefs. There are many persons and groups I have been guided by; links are given on my site. I do follow the Quran and truly believe it to be FULLY detailed as Allah state there.

We Muslims have just finished fasting in the month of Ramadan; ie. not eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset for 30 days. This is what the majority understand as fasting. So what does the Holy Quran say about fasting:

2:183. O you who believe, fasting ("asshiyaamu") has been decreed for you as it was decreed for those before you, perhaps you may be righteous.

2:184. A few number of days; however, if any of you is ill or traveling, then the same number from different days; and as for those who can do so but with difficulty, they may redeem by feeding the needy. And whoever does good voluntarily, then it is better for him. And if you fast it is better for you if you knew.

2:185. A month, Ramadhan (marked by heat), in which the Quran was revealed; as a guide to the people and a clarification of the guidance and the criterion. Therefore, whoever of you witnesses the month, then let him fast therein. And whoever is ill or traveling, then the same number from different days. God wants to bring you ease and not to bring you hardship; and so that you may complete the count, and glorify God for what He has guided you, that you may be thankful.

2:186. And if My servants ask you about Me, I am near answering the calls of those who call to Me. So let them respond to Me and believe in Me that they may be guided.

2:187. It has been made lawful for you during the night of fasting ("assiyaami") to approach your women sexually. They are a garment for you and you are a garment for them. God knows that you used to betray your souls so He has accepted your repentance, and forgiven you; now you may approach them and seek what God has written for you. And you may eat and drink until the white thread is distinct from the black thread of dawn; then you shall complete the fast ("assiyaama") to the night; and do not approach them while you are devoted in the temples. These are God’s boundaries, so do not transgress them. It is thus that God makes His revelations clear to the people that they may be righteous.

  • Why do we fast? To celebrate that Allah sent the Holy Quran to Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him.
  • Ramadan; the word means early autumn 2:185.
  • So the fast should be inside a month in early autumn. The Quran surah 17:12 tells us about the day and night and the sun as timing devices. That means the calendar system according to Allah’s deen is a solar one. Therefore the Ramadan should be at the same time every year. A year is defined as the Earth rotating around the sun one full circle. A day is defined as the earth rotating around itself in relation to the sun one circle.
  • How long should we fast, 2:184 say clearly a few numbered days, and one night (2:186).

So my conclusion is that fasting is two days with the night in between.

But dear reader does it really say “Do not eat during the day”? Is it not a serious business if Allah commands us to do or not to do anything? The whole Quran is full of no-nonsense commands and guidance in clear language. So does "asshiyaamu" really mean fasting (not to eat and drink during the day)?

19:26 So savour* it, and relax, and when you see anyone, then say, "I have pledged to the Almighty a "syauman"; therefore I shall not converse, today to anyone.'"

From the above verses it is easy to figure out what Mary was saying, and what her actions were in keeping with her pledge. Was she 'fasting' in the ordinary way? By Aidid Safar (

Below are the other verses mentioning fast.

4:92. And it is not for a believer to kill another believer except by accident. And whoever kills a believer by accident, then he shall set free a believing slave, and give compensation to the family; except if they remit it. If he was from a people who are enemies to you, and he was a believer, then you shall set free a believing slave. And if he was from a people between whom you had a covenant, then a compensation to his family, and set free a believing slave.Whoever does not find, then the fasting of two months sequentially as a repentance from God; God is Knowledgeable, Wise.

5:89. God will not hold you for your unintentional oaths, but He will hold you for what oaths you have made binding; its cancellation shall be the feeding of ten poor from the average of what you feed your family, or that you clothe them, or that you free a slave; whoever cannot find shall fast for three days; this is a cancellation for making your oaths when you swear. And be careful from making oaths. It is such that God clarifies for you His revelations that you may be thankful.

33:35. Surely, the submitting men, and the submitting women, the believing men, and the believing women, the obedient men, and the obedient women, the truthful men, and the truthful women, the patient men, and the patient women, the humble men, and the humble women, the charitable men, and the charitable women, the fasting men, and the fasting women, the men who keep covered their private parts, and the women who similarly keep covered, and the men who commemorate God frequently, and the commemorating women; God has prepared for them a forgiveness and a great recompense.

58:4. If he cannot find any, then he shall fast two consecutive months before any sexual contact between them. If he cannot, then he shall feed sixty poor people. That is so you would believe in God and His messenger. And these are the limits set by God. The disbelievers have incurred a painful retribution.

Can you find the command not to eat and drink during the day here? I can not.

So is fasting rather to withdraw to your sanctuary or temple for two days, not to idle talk, but to pray, read the Quran and draw close to Allah? I leave this to you my dear reader to answer, but make sure when seeking guidance you use the only fully detailed book on these matters, namely the Holy Quran

Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Do Muslims Lose?

Salamun alaikum friends,

Some have commented to me saying that Muslims do not lose due to the fact that many westerners convert to Islam. Their argument seems to be a bit off. The reason westerners convert to Islam is that they read the Quran, and despite of how the Muslims manage their countries, the westerners still are led to Islam by Allah.

This is not due to work by the Muslims themselves in general.

Look at the so called Muslim countries; full of corruption, tax evasion, prostitution, poverty, illiteracy, pollution, and any vice you may care to think of. Is this a model of society, a model for others to look at and to be impressed by the love, care and intelligence their countries are governed?

Are you impressed?

I am not. Look at our beloved prophet, pbuh, he made a model country while alive in the framework of what was possible at the time. Think of what he would have done for Indonesia or any Muslim country today. If you think the society of Taliban is the peak of achievement then I have to disagree. I also believe the reason they lost were because it was not according to Allah’s Deen. A society TRULY governed by Allah’s Deen is invincible. To say that Taliban lost due to the need to experience hardship according to Allah’s plan is to confuse what happen to individuals and countries. The countries that are governed in a just manner will be blessed. Allah love justice. An individual may suffer hardship due to Allah’s plan with that person and who he interact with. This is very different to what happen to a country.

We seem so proud to be a Muslim, I see very little to be proud of, BUT we born as Muslims should be VERY humble and grateful that we were born in a Muslim family. I am very sure that many of us would not seek the knowledge and have such an open heart that Allah would lead us to Islam if we were born in an infidel family.

My article was about why we Muslim loose, why our societies are not the kind other societies look at for inspiration. We are Muslims in name and in ritual observances, but we do not live and organize ourselves according to Allah’s Deen found solely in the Holy Quran.

So let us all try to be proud of what we can achieve as Muslims, to live according to the examples given in the Quran. I am sure that if enough of us do that in ANY country a change will come.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Islam of Today

The Islam of today is not the Islam of Muhammad, Abraham, Moses or Jesus. Allah forbids idol worship, whilst today’s Moslem promotes it. Allah warns mankind against preachers/imams/religious scholars in the Quran, but today’s Moslem ignore this. There are no holy places in the Quran, or houses of worship. You can communicate with Allah anywhere, anytime and in any direction.
Today’s Moslem wasting time and money building mosque and spending their time in it.

Islamic preachers dare not debate openly on Islam as it is full of hypocrisy. Allah calls mankind not to submit themselves to religion, but to serve Allah by doing good deeds, be righteous, virtuous and to distance themselves from evil deeds. It is a simple set of instructions which only those truly guided can understand.

Only those who follow the Quran and research the meaning of the words can see the evil that permeates through these institutions.

Friday, September 26, 2008

In Your Mind

Salamun alaikum my friends,

What is in your mind?

It seems that we Muslims often take a very passive approach to what happen to us in our daily life. Many Muslims seems to be under the impression that as long as we do our duty to Allah things will be OK. That life is preordained and frankly there is little we can do to change the outcome of any event.

Is this so I ask?

Like when a person want to quit smoking or stop any other vice, if he constantly think of not doing it, that person fills his mind with the object he is trying to avoid, so in reality he brings that object to himself. There are many cases of this and I am sure you can see some of it in your own life also.

A person were asked to join an anti war group, but refused and replied that a pro peace group he would gladly join. So will a mindset of positive person change the outcome of events?

We all have met very pessimistic people that argue from their point of view and by listening to them they seem right, bad things pile up on these people. And on meeting very optimistic people, although their physical situation may differ little, seem to be more fully alive and be in a state of gratitude to Allah for their situation.

Both types may call themselves Muslim, but the difference is obvious. The one has lost hope and the other is full of gratitude and faith.

Quran 2:284 “To God is what is in the heavens and in Earth, and if you declare what is in your souls or hide it, God will call you to account for it. He will forgive whom He wishes, and punish whom He wishes, and God is capable of all things.”

Both the pessimist and the optimist may say they believe in Allah and His deen Islam, but I would say only one of them manifest faith. So what is faith and can it be achieved through personal effort?

Yes I will say, faith grow by surrender to Allah and looking at anything in our life as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person and in faith.

To truly believe is to believe as if we have achieved anything that we pray for, to live in the state of mind of knowing it will truly come into our life.

Quran 5:7 “Recall God's blessings over you and His covenant that He has bound you with, for which you have said, "We hear and obey," and be aware of God; for God knows what is inside the chests.”

You may argue that how long to wait for the things you pray for, or maybe some of them will never come into your life? Does it really matter?

New things come, and being aware of the opportunities Allah presents may lead our lives to even better states. So a positive attitude that can grasp opportunity and a faith that can hold it together for a period of time seems to be called for.

“Love, Faith, Action, Knowledge” are words to think about when it comes to try to reprogram the way you think about life and yourself.

Muslim means submission, to submit to Allah, in; “Love, Faith, Action, and Knowledge”.

Allah truly knows best.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Love of Islam

There is so much talk about love of Islam and to defend Islam among those that call themselves Muslims, also to fill our mind with Islam. But do you all know what this really means? To me this sound likes relating to Islam as one of the worlds religions.

Allah has made this really very simple and it needs not many words, I will try my best to list the concepts according to importance (and my limited understanding):

  • Allah is God, the only one, our creator, our judge and forgiver.
  • Islam is the guidelines Allah gave us to live by according to His will.
  • These guidelines are called Allah’s Deen. Allah’s Deen is not any religion with many rituals (only magic has rituals).
  • Allah’s Deen is FULLY described in the Holy Quran.
  • A person that lives according to the Holy Quran may call himself a Muslim.
  • ONLY the things described in the Quran must be lived by, living by any other source is shirk (ie. taking other sources as guidance than the Holy Quran). Allah say repeatedly in the Holy Quran that IT is FULLY DETAILED.

So who to love and cherish?

Only ONE, Allah the merciful one. He is the One to fill our heart and our mind and to keep in our thoughts at all times.

As for behavior, Allah tells us in this the Holy Quran:

  • To submit to Him, Allah, the only God.
  • To be grateful to Allah for our life.
  • To educate ourselves, to be industrious, to seek knowledge from everywhere.
  • To live and dress modest.
  • To share our wealth.
  • To say the truth and not talk bad about people.
  • To protect the weak, care for our parents and don’t accept injustice.
  • To protect and care for the environment and all living things.
  • To do good deeds.
  • To invite people to Allah and Islam.

So to those that find most of their guidance among the “so-called Deen” of Islam, the Hadith, I can only repeat what Allah say in the Quran:

The Quran reports that the messenger himself will complain to God about his so called followers abandoning the Quran:

"And the messenger says, "O my Lord, my OWN people have forsaken the Quran." (Quran 25:30)

According to the Quran, division into sects is the work of evil, and is the result of following man made ideas like the Hadith (Quran 23:52-56 and 6:159). Division into sects can never be a mercy as claimed by some schools of thought.

The Quran claims to be the best Hadith (Ahsan ul hadeeth 39:23), and states that after Allah and his ayat (verses) no other Hadith is to be followed (Quran 45:6). The Quran also states that people have fabricated Hadith to mislead from the way of Allah (Quran 31:6 Lahwal Hadith).

The Quran challenges people to produce a "Hadith" like the Quran (Quran 52:34) if they are truthful. The difference in language, style and content between the Quran and the other "Hadith" has been evident and is not denied even by those who believe in the Hadith as being genuine.

"These are the verses of Allah (God) which we rehearse to you with truth. Then in what Hadith will they believe after Allah and His verses? (Quran 45:6)."

The Quran's Verdict:

"And the messenger says, "O my Lord, my OWN people have forsaken the Quran." (Quran 25:30)

So dear friends, if you want to call yourself a Muslim you have no choice but to follow the Holy Quran and only this (and please research the meaning of the words, not all translations are true). To those offended by this statement, I can only say this; Read Allah’s word in the Quran, it should guide you to a true understanding. If it does not, it is because your heart is hardened and Allah has described these people also.

Allah truly knows best.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Culture Mixed with Religion

Salamun alaikum

Culture as such is the way we as a group of people do things, our parties, celebrations and events. This can be good or it can be bad, sometimes in line with our Holy Quran and sometimes not. What is dangerous is when we mix culture and our Deen.

Allah have given us the Holy Quran as guidance for our spiritual and mundane life, He has clearly stated in the Quran that It is fully detailed and that anything we need to achieve a life as Allah want us to live is found there.

So if you add all kind of practices to the simple way of life outlined in the Quran, you are doing shirk, plain and simple. This is because you add to Allahs Deen. So all practices in connection to our Deen MUST be found in the Holy Quran, if not it has NOTHING to do with our Deen.

You may argue that how shall we perform all our Muslim practices and rituals that we do as Muslims if they are not found in the Quran? The answer is very simple, we do not do them!

The above statement will freak out the majority of todays Muslims. Why?? Because their RELIGION has endless practices not found in the Quran. So where do they find the basis for all these practices? They find them in the practices of their family, tribe or religion. Many of these practices are also found in the Hadith collections.

39:23 “Allah has sent down the best narration, a Scripture that is similar with two paths. The skins of those who reverence their Lord shiver from it, then their skins and their hearts soften up to the remembrance of Allah. Such is Allah’s guidance; He guides with it whoever He wills. And for whomever Allah misguides, then none can guide him”.

So, if you want to live as Allah wants you, please try to study the Quran. Unfortunatly so many translations are biased towards cultural input and Hadiths, so it is not easy to find a translation pure and correct. Still I hope in time more people will translate the Quran correct and also that all that call themselves Muslims will belong to the Deen of Allah, not continue being Sunni Muslims, Shiah Muslims, and any of the sects created.

Allah urges us to read, to study and verify everything for ourselves, not blindly following our parents, groups, imams and Hadith collections.

17:36 “And do not uphold what you have no knowledge of. For the hearing, eye-sight, and mind, all these you are responsible for”.

2:170 “And if they are told: “Follow what Allah has sent down, “they say: “No, we will follow what we found our fathers doing!” What if their fathers did not understand anything and were not guided?”

3:138 “This is a clarification for the people and a reminder for the righteous”.