Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bella's Birthday

My first daughter Bella is 2 years old now. I held a small party for her second birthday yesterday, 25th of November. Not many people I invited only my parents in law and my close friend with their children. I made tongseng, fried noodle with shrimp meat ball, salad and martabak telor. I didn’t make birthday cake coz I don’t know how to make it L. But luckily my mother in law brought a world’s best cake and Bella liked it. To be honest, I don’t really like eating cake but this cake I must say is very delicious. I ate it a lot. Anyway, the party was successful and everybody said that my cooking was good. All of the tiredness I felt the whole day in preparing everything for this party is gone. I feel satisfied and happy but the most important is my daughter’s happiness. She was very happy last night. She got many nice gifts and had lots of kisses. She danced and laughing cheerfully until the guests left.

These are the gifts

With grandma and grandpa

Having fun with bigger friends

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Miser and the Angel of Death

A miser had accumulated, by effort, trade and lending, three hundred thousand dinars. He had lands and buildings, and all kinds of wealth.
He then decided that he would spend a year in enjoyment, living comfortably, and then decided as to what his future should be.
But, almost as soon as he had stopped amassing money, the Angel of Death appeared before him, to take his life away.
The miser tried, by every argument which he could muster, to dissuade the Angel, who seemed, however, adamant. Then the man said:
‘Grant me but three more days, and I will give you one-third of my possessions.’
The Angel refused, and pulled again at the miser’s life, tugging to take it away.
Then the man said:
‘If you will only allow me two more days on earth, I will give you two hundred thousand dinars from my store.’
But the Angel would not listen to him. And the Angel even refused to give the man a solitary extra day for all his three thousand pieces.
Then the miser said:
‘Please, then, give me just time enough to write one little thing down.’
This time the Angel allowed him this single concession, and the man wrote, with his own blood:
‘Man, make use of your life. I could buy not one hour for three hundred thousand dinars. Make sure that you realize the value of your time.’

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Daughters

My first daughter, Bella 23 months. The second one, Brenda 4 months.


half smiling

love little sister