Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Exam

After being postponed few times since the teacher was sick finally I had my first modul test for my Norwegian course 2 weeks ago. Last Thursday I got the result and you know what, I passed the test with the highest grade in the class. I don’t believe it. I know I will pass the test but getting the highest grade? Wow …

For other people maybe this is not something special but to me it means a lot. I’m a housewife with two small daughters who need fully attention. I’m very busy with endless housework every day and still have to go shopping for our daily needs. So I hardly have time to study or doing my homework. I’m not complaining about my life, just telling the reason why I’m very happy with this result. It encourages me to study harder. I hope I will be able to speak norsk fluently soon. I really do.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

5 Hal Aneh Mengenai Diriku

Waduh dapat lemparan tongkat estafet dari Ina mengenai lima hal aneh mengenai diriku, jadi mikir juga nih. Sebetulnya mungkin bukan aneh ya, lebih tepatnya hal yang tidak lazim bagi orang kebanyakan.

1. Takut Liat Air Terjun
Entah kenapa aku kok takut banget liat air terjun. Orang bilang itu phobia. Aku gak cuma takut liat aslinya, liat air terjun di TV atau bahkan photo aja gak berani. Aku udah coba memerangi perasaan takut itu tapi belum berhasil. Perlu proses kayaknya ya. Pernah beberapa tahun yang lalu kami sekeluarga pulang ke kampung halamanku di Bukittinggi. Ada tempat namanya Lembah Anai, air terjun persis di pinggir jalan raya. Dari jauh udah kedengaran suara air terjunnya. Aku udah ketakutan aja denger gemuruh airnya dan minta jangan berhenti disitu, lewat aja. Tentu saja semua protes, adekku yg cowok malah pengen berenang di situ. Airnya emang jernih banget, katanya, karena aku gak berani liat. Aku ingat papaku memaksaku untuk turun dari mobil. Aku coba tapi baru beberapa langkah aku dah menjerit panik. Akhirnya, sementara yang lain asyik maen air, berenang, photo2, aku mojok di mobil sambil nutup mata dan kuping.

2. Gak Suka Coklat
Mungkin aku satu-satunya cewek di dunia yang gak suka coklat. Gak tau kenapa pokoknya gak suka aja. Gak cuma coklat batangan, semua makanan yang berbau coklat aku gak suka. Kue basah, kue kering, es krim, dll. Tapi anehnya aku suka minum susu coklat.

3. Gemes Liat Bayi
Aku tuh kalo liat bayi suka gemes pengen nyubit atau nyium pipinya apalagi kalo bayinya lucu. Kadang tanpa permisi ama yang punya bayi, tuh bayi langsung aja tak cium atau cubit pipinya. Kalo sang ibu kelihatannya agak2 judes baru deh nanya dulu. Bayinya boleh dicium mbak ? Untunglah sekarang aku udah punya 2 bayi yang lucu-lucu. Jadi gemes ama bayinya bisa tersalurkan.

4. Kalo Ngomong Tangannya Suka Gerak
Ini nih yang bener2 susah diilangin. Kalo lagi ngobrol pasti deh tangannya ikutan ngobrol. Gerak kesana kemari. Gak peduli topik obrolannya apa nih tangan lebih heboh dari pada mulut. Waktu aku ngeluh ke hubby soal ini dia bilang, “it’s okay, to me it’s cute” hehe.

5. Sarapan Dulu Baru Mandi
Jorok ya, abisnya laper. Aku gak begitu suka ngemil. Biasanya makan malam jam 6 atau 7. Nah setelah itu gak ada lagi yang masuk ke perut. Paling makan buah2an. Jadi dari jam 8 malam sampe pagi perutnya kosong. Terang aja kelaperan pagi harinya. Makanya langsung sarapan. Perut kenyang baru deh sikat gigi dan mandi.
Itu deh sebagian dari hal2 yang aneh pada diriku. Ni tongkat estafet harus di lempar ke lima orang kan ya. Aku lemparin ke - sebelumnya maaf lo kalo tidak berkenan – Mala Fdm, Amellie, Rosy, Santi dan Ni Londo. Tak tunggu lo ceritanya.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Prophet Cartoons - What Went Wrong?

The comment below was given by Fahad Khan that I think should be read by all muslims.

Seeing the building madness that has been unraveling in Muslim countries over the Danish cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohammed has left me wondering: ‘how did it come to this?’

Embassies are burnt, people dying in the riots, shops and windows broken, Danish products banned and the Danish flag being burned.

The Danish newspaper that originally published the cartoons possibly has a readership which does not exceed a few thousand…Yet, with the behavior of the Muslim mobs, the cartoons in question have been reprinted in Spain, Germany, France, Australia, and have circled the entire globe through the power of the internet to be seen by many millions.

Are the Muslim mobs happy with what they have achieved?

Most would probably say ‘yes’, that although the offending cartoons have been reprinted and the viewership has increased hundredfolds, the Muslims have shown that they have the ‘power of the mob’ and that Europe and the other countries are now taking the Muslims very seriously and they realize that Muslims can and will yield immense power (mob power).

Heaven forbid that we ask the Muslims where this ‘mob power’ was during the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan where many thousands of innocents were murdered or maimed.

Heaven forbid that we ask the Muslims where this ‘mob power’ was during the US invasion and occupation of Iraq where thousands were murdered, thousands were maimed, and millions were made to live under the oppression and tyranny of a sadistic occupation to enjoy the torture chambers, depleted uranium, white phosphorous, cluster bombs, night raids, Apache gunships and foreign backed death squads.

Heaven forbid that we ask the Muslims where this ‘mob power’ was during the Zionist invasion and occupation of Palestine where millions were driven from their homes, and millions made to live under the oppression and tyranny of a sick Zionist people who believe God commands them to do these things (be He glorified from such blasphemy!)

Here is what I see the lesson that the Muslim mobs have sent to Europe and the US:

- It is OK to invade our lands;
- It is OK to murder our people;
- It is OK to torture our loved ones;
- It is OK to rape our women;
- It is OK to steal our wealth and resources;
- It is OK to desecrate the Book of God (Quran) by urinating on it and defecating on it in the US run prisons of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo.

But under no circumstances, never ever, never, is it OK to make fun of our Prophet or draw any cartoons depicting him!

Can no one else see the patheticness of this situation?

What has gone wrong with the Muslims in general and this episode in particular is that they have abandoned the directions given by God Almighty on how to deal with such situations…

They have opted for a ‘mob rule’ mentality which has only escalated matters and made them look like fools, while what they should have done was ignore this entire episode as being the work of people who are simply ignorant, else we are guilty of being like them:

“And the servants of the Almighty who walk on the Earth in humility and if the ignorant speak to them, they Say: 'Peace.'" (Quran 25:63)

“And it has been sent down to you in the Scripture, that if you hear God’s revelations being rejected and ridiculed in, then do not sit with them until they move on to a different subject; if not, then you are like them. God will gather the hypocrites and the disbelievers in Hell all together.” (Quran 4:140)

Of course, what the Muslim mobs have done is disregard God’s instructions and have traded them for the instructions of their sheikhs and imams, perhaps they can lead them to a road better than God and His messenger can:

“On the Day when their faces will be turned over in the Fire, they will Say: ‘Oh, we wish we had obeyed God, and obeyed the messenger’ And they will Say: ‘Our Lord, we have obeyed our leaders and our learned ones, but they misled us from the path.’” (Quran 33:66-67)

Will it be a surprise that the complaint of the Prophet Mohammed on the Day of Judgment against his very followers is that they have abandoned that which he was sent to preach?

"And the messenger said: 'My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran.'" (Quran 25:30)

Let us all leave this madness and return to the teachings of God as delivered by His messenger…

Only when Muslims begin adhering and upholding God’s system of truth, justice, equality, and transparency will they be given the respect and security of this world and the hereafter.

Otherwise, they risk being humiliated in this world and the hereafter for their following of superstitions, injustice, intolerance, and leaders/imams who teach them to say and do other what God has revealed.