Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Due to one and another reason sadly I must say that I will be hiatus for some time. I don’t know how long but I will keep blogwalking and leave comment on other blogs if I have time. Have a nice life everybody.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Five Wishes

Got an estafet from Yuli to write about my dreams. I had many dreams which were sometimes very nice, sometimes weird or I didn’t remember at all when I woke up. Most often I got a dream that I could fly. And I really hate it if I had a dream being chased by a crazy man, and when I got home I couldn’t open the door while the crazy man getting closer. At the end I just screamed then I woke up panting. So dreams are vary and sometimes unlocigal. Wishing is something else. So now I’m going to tell you about my five wishes.

1. I want to visit my family
It has been more than one year since I left my family. I miss them so much. I really want to visit them especially since my second daughter was born on June last year. Hopefully I can go to Indonesia mid November this year together with my two daughters and my hubby of course.

2. I want to go hajj
This maybe is the wish of all muslims on earth. Insya Allah, God will bless us (me and my hubby) to go hajj some day.

3. I want to have my own house
It’s very expensive to buy or to build a house here. Mostly people here get some loans from the bank in order to buy a house or an apartment which will take years to pay back. So if we have enough money someday I want to have a house with garden where my children can play around.

4. I wish my big brother has a job
I always feel sad everytime I think of him. He’s an engineer in civil, smart, caring and always nice to everybody. He has sent hundreds of application letters. He spent much money to buy envelopes and stamps, to copy many certifcates for each letter and for transportation to go here and there if he had interviews. But I have no idea why he never gets a job. He hardly ever gets angry. He had few girlfriends who like or even love him. But he always said, “How can I marry her if I can’t give her food, a place to live, etc.” Finally there’s a woman who really loves him and accept him the way he is. She has quite a good job and she still wants to marry him although he has no job. He only has some small projects which he himself doesn’t know if he will gain money from it or not. All of us always encouraging him to get married and at last they got married. I do hope that he will get a job coz he really needs it let alone his wife is expecting a baby right now.

5. I wish I will go to heaven
Because hell is too hot and too painful for me. I pray Allah everyday to put me and all people that I love in heaven. Amen.

Actually I still have many other wishes but since the limit is five so that’s all everybody. I think I will not give the estafet stick to others but whoever has a wish please do write it. I’m waiting.