Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thank You

Hi, I'm Brenda. I would like to say thank you to mamma, pappa, big sister, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends for congratulating me on my birthday. I really appreciate it. Here is my photo showing my teeth. I have six teeth now.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Letter to Brenda

Dearest Brenda,

One year ago, around 00.30 am, mamma felt the first contraction. Usually it’s just a sign but this contraction was so hurt and three minutes later it came again. So mamma called your pappa which was still at the mosque doing dzikir (repeatedly chant part of the confession of faith, as a form of worship). Of course no reply coz pappa always turns off his mobile or change into silent mode while praying at the mosque. So mamma left a message then called your grandpa and grandma. Just after mamma hung up the phone, pappa called and said that he’s on the way home. Pappa then woke the Somalian neighbor up to look after your big sister while waiting for your grandpa and grandma came home. After that we hurried to the hospital. 40 minutes later you were born. So from the first contraction until you were born it was only 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was very fast but so painful as well. Normally from the first contraction until giving birth is between 4 until 10 hours or more. They said it is an intensive contraction. That’s why the painful was unbearable. Mamma also had bleeding. They had to press mamma’s stomach to get the blood out. Then they gave mamma infusion on both hands. Three bottles of liquid on each hand enter mamma’s body. Mamma still felt so much pain that made mamma trembling like an addicted person or freezing. Mamma’s head moved from side to side and mamma’s teeth chattering. Finally they gave mamma painkiller tablet. After the pain was subsided they did the catheter coz mamma’s bladder was full due to the 6 bottles of infusion. They still did that every 3 hour for 2 days coz mamma couldn’t urinate.

Dear Brenda, that was mamma’s experience of bringing you to this world. Yes, it was painful not to mention the pain that mamma felt during pregnancy. When mamma’s pregnancy was 7 months, mamma’s legs turned dark like having bruises. And it was hurt everytime mamma moved the legs. Mamma had to drag both legs to walk. It took few minutes to walk from bedroom to the kitchen coz mamma had to walk very slowly. Very often mamma got cramp at calf when stretching after sleeping. However, all pains were gone when mamma saw your beautiful innocent face. You opened your eyes just for a second as if you wanted to say hello. The happiness mamma felt that moment was indescribable.

Today you are 1 year old. I know you can’t read yet but someday when you are big enough, mamma will show you this letter. So you will understand that there is no other love like a mother’s. Love for her child. All I have to offer is a promise of a lifetime of love. A promise of the greatest love of all.

Happy birthday my dear one. Wish you will become a pious child. May Allah grant you all the happiness in the world and bless you forever.

Much much love from mamma.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sunday, June 11, 2006

To the Beach

It’s summer time now. Today sun shined no rain, no cloud and the wind blow softly. It’s a very nice weather. So we decided to go for a walk. First we went to Godalen beach where my husband used to swim. After finished swimming we went to the kolonihage (allotment garden) to eat waffel and drink cola light. Then we walked to another beach near my house. I let Bella playing with water and sand. Her shoes and clothes wet but I didn’t care as long as she happy and enjoyed playing on the beach. I just lied down on the grass while watching Brenda walked here and there. She can walk now, Masya Allah. She could walk one day before turning eleven months.

Here are some pictures of them.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

All About Me

I like many things …

I like all kinds of music as long as it is nice to hear and have deep meaning – especially ballad and country.

I like action, comedy, drama and romantic movies. I don’t really like horror movies not because I’m scare but mostly because it has no ending.

I have a good sense of humour.

I like working with computer and I’m very happy that I have my own Portable PC.

The most important thing in my life is my daughters. They are the light of my life. They make me strong in facing this hard life. Can’t imagine what kind of life is without having them by my side. I never stop thanking Allah for giving me such cute and beautiful daughters.

I like to write though I am not a good writer … as you can see.

I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke but I don’t mind being around drinkers and smokers. Though sometimes they’re really bother me.

I am a homey person. I like to just hanging around in my home.

I am not a good cook though I can do pretty well when I’m in the mood.

I don’t like going to the disco or bar. To me it’s just wasting the time and money for nothing useful.

I like going to the cinema. But I don’t go there for quite some time cause I cannot leave my daughters alone at home unless I have somebody who can look after them.

I don’t like people talking nice and sweet about me when I’m around but talking bad behind my back.

I am a very impatient person. I want to do everything quick.

When it comes to a relationship, to me honesty is above all.

I don’t like red roses because it reminds me of something which will hurt my heart. So please don’t send me red roses on my birthday or talking about it with me.

I sometimes act like a child. Don’t know why … it’s just happen once in a while.

I am trying my best to be a good mamma for my daughters. I want to be their best friend as well.

I’d like to … someday … travel around Europe, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand and many others.

There were times in my life where money was unimportant. And I hate to face the facts that money is everything at some stage.

I am a religious person
and I like to study Al Qur'an by myself or by reading other people's writing. I go to the party sometimes mostly like a birthday party or wedding or just few friends gather together.

My family means so much to me and I will protect them with all my might.

I like coffee and tea with milk and sugar.

I used to work in office and the best time I’ve ever had was when I work at RCTI, the biggest TV station in Indonesia. I love how we, the crew, stick together day and night. It’s like having a new big family. I miss those guys.

I like everything organized and planned. Though sometimes spontaneity is fun.

I’m a dreamer. I like to day dream about different things … I know …nothing will happen in the next second unless I do something. But that’s just what I like to do.

Blue, white and black are my favourite colours.

I don’t really like chocolate. I love spicy food (not very hot though), fried noodle, fried rice, rujak and sate.

I don’t have a serious hobby like others who likes gardening for example where they spend hours planting stuff; or sports – where they swim, run, cycling without ever feeling over exercised. But I like taking pictures though not professionally, more for fun.

I like singing … don’t have a nice voice, just love doing it.

I think the list is getting too long now. Are you still reading it? If yes, will you drop me a comment just for fun?