Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bougenville Valley

After spent 4 weeks time in Indonesia, we’re now back in Stavanger again. We had a very good time there although the weather was sooo hot and dry. Rain poured down only once during our stay in Bandung and Jakarta. We went to many nice places and I bought many Moslem clothes and hijab coz I couldn’t find any here in Stavanger. I had planned to meet up with some close friends, but I couldn’t meet all of them due to the limited time. I will tell you later about meeting some friends, coz now I want to tell you about a very nice and beautiful place I visited in Bandung that is Bougenville Valley.

This valley which is about 14 hectare belongs to Mr. Lambert, a friend of daddy TJ, a very good person I know for a long time. It is located at Cibodas village near Maribaya. There are many facilities in this place. You can stay a night in the villa or having a meeting or reunion. There is a playground where children can play and running around, two pools full of fish and one pool for those who like fishing. There is also a track for children who want to ride a bicycle, a big cage of birds, cows that produce milk which is distributed to the shop, and many other things. I and my daughters were really having a good time here. So thank you very much daddy TJ for bringing us to this beautiful valley and of course to you Mr. Lambert for your hospitality.

Here are some pictures I took at Bougenville Valley.