Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meeting Friends

Goodie! It took a looong time for me to write again. As you might know, I visited my home country few months ago. I had a very good time there despite of the weather which I don’t like very much. It was too hot due to a very long dry season but I enjoyed every single day of my visit. I met many relatives and friends.

In Bandung I met with Bunyamin who also has a photoblog ‘Bandung Daily Photo’. He works at Jamsostek not far from where I live. This was the first time I met him. We only know each other via internet. Isn’t it amazing how internet can connected people from around the world? He’s a nice guy and very friendly. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of us coz we were busy talking about many things especially about our photoblog which we both agree that it is fun.

Then I met with TJ, a big fan of Elvis Presley. I have known him since I was in high school. He suggested meeting at Bougenville Valley which I have posted before. I was glad that we met there coz the place is very beautiful and it is a good place to relax or playing for the children. We spent about three hours there and before we parted, he gave me two CD’s of Indonesian songs and one CD of Elvis’s songs. He is such a kind person. I listen to the songs many times and never bored coz the songs are the chosen one. Thank you daddy TJ for your kindness. Here is the picture of him with my daughter Brenda.

In Jakarta I met with Linda whom worked at the same company with me for three years. But she has moved to another company and she’s very happy working there. I met her after lunch break in her new office. She’s kind of an always happy person, just like Stoney, remember that song? It was great to meet her again.

Before getting married, I have worked for more than 10 years and the most enjoyable times for me was when I worked at RCTI where I met and knew many people. Eka and Lana are two of them. So many unforgettable moments happened during my working there. Happy and sorrow. That’s why I was very happy to be able meeting those two nice girls again. After changing the place where to meet few times, we finally agreed to meet at Semanggi Plaza. It is a new and grand shopping mall center. It hasn’t completed yet when I left Indonesia two years ago. We chatted at food courth about two hours while eating the food we like. It was nice to know that they are both well and Eka will probably get married this year. I do hope that she will have a happy marriage.

The last one I met was Santy who has also a photoblog like I do, Jakarta Daily Photo. We knew each other from awhile back as we worked in the same company in 1996 and have been keeping in touch again recently. We met at Cilandak Town Square or Citos as many people used to call it. It was quite an interesting meeting for us coz Santy finally can see my daughters Bella and Brenda. Santy took Bella to play at the Timezone and she had a quite exciting experience in that place.

~ Never abandon an old friend. You will never find one who can take his/her place ~

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

May the new year bring you:

Troubles that last only seconds
Giggles that last minutes
Chuckles that last hours
Laughs that last days
Smiles that last weeks
Happiness that last months
Friendships that last years
but most of all
LOVE that last a lifetime!

Happy new year everyone!