Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Time

It is summer now and the temperature in the last few days was very hot. It’s only 20 degrees but it felt like 30 degrees in Jakarta.

On the first weekend of this month we went to town to buy some souvenirs for my family in Indonesia. Oh, I forgot to tell you that my big brother is here now. He has been here since April and on 3rd July he will going back to Indo. That’s why we brought him to this souvenir shop so he could choose what gift he would like to give for his family in Jakarta. He has married and has one sweet daughter already. They are expecting the second child now. Before went back home, we stopped to buy some strawberries and morellas at the open market in the city center.

At 11 a.m last weekend we went to the beach. Usually I always bring some food everytime we go to the beach. But this time I didn’t bring any food just milk and water because the beach is just behind our home. If Bella and Brenda feel tired and hungry we just come back and eat at home. That was my thought. But I was wrong. After playing in the water for about 10 minutes, Bella said, “Mamma, kake .. kake ..”, which means she wanted to eat cake. Luckily there is a cafĂ© in the gamlehjem near the beach so I didn’t have to running home to take something to eat. I bought some waffles, bread with egg and tomato and ice creams. Bella was sooo happy to see ice cream coz she’s really a big fan of ice cream, just like her pappa :).

After lunch I went to my friend’s house to learn how to make timpan. It’s a special cake from Aceh. It made from glutinous rice flour with sarikaya for the inside. It was delicious, but unfortunately Bella and Brenda didn’t like it.

I ended up the day by taking some photos of historical buildings for my photoblog.

Have a nice week ahead everyone :).