Friday, September 19, 2008

Love of Islam

There is so much talk about love of Islam and to defend Islam among those that call themselves Muslims, also to fill our mind with Islam. But do you all know what this really means? To me this sound likes relating to Islam as one of the worlds religions.

Allah has made this really very simple and it needs not many words, I will try my best to list the concepts according to importance (and my limited understanding):

  • Allah is God, the only one, our creator, our judge and forgiver.
  • Islam is the guidelines Allah gave us to live by according to His will.
  • These guidelines are called Allah’s Deen. Allah’s Deen is not any religion with many rituals (only magic has rituals).
  • Allah’s Deen is FULLY described in the Holy Quran.
  • A person that lives according to the Holy Quran may call himself a Muslim.
  • ONLY the things described in the Quran must be lived by, living by any other source is shirk (ie. taking other sources as guidance than the Holy Quran). Allah say repeatedly in the Holy Quran that IT is FULLY DETAILED.

So who to love and cherish?

Only ONE, Allah the merciful one. He is the One to fill our heart and our mind and to keep in our thoughts at all times.

As for behavior, Allah tells us in this the Holy Quran:

  • To submit to Him, Allah, the only God.
  • To be grateful to Allah for our life.
  • To educate ourselves, to be industrious, to seek knowledge from everywhere.
  • To live and dress modest.
  • To share our wealth.
  • To say the truth and not talk bad about people.
  • To protect the weak, care for our parents and don’t accept injustice.
  • To protect and care for the environment and all living things.
  • To do good deeds.
  • To invite people to Allah and Islam.

So to those that find most of their guidance among the “so-called Deen” of Islam, the Hadith, I can only repeat what Allah say in the Quran:

The Quran reports that the messenger himself will complain to God about his so called followers abandoning the Quran:

"And the messenger says, "O my Lord, my OWN people have forsaken the Quran." (Quran 25:30)

According to the Quran, division into sects is the work of evil, and is the result of following man made ideas like the Hadith (Quran 23:52-56 and 6:159). Division into sects can never be a mercy as claimed by some schools of thought.

The Quran claims to be the best Hadith (Ahsan ul hadeeth 39:23), and states that after Allah and his ayat (verses) no other Hadith is to be followed (Quran 45:6). The Quran also states that people have fabricated Hadith to mislead from the way of Allah (Quran 31:6 Lahwal Hadith).

The Quran challenges people to produce a "Hadith" like the Quran (Quran 52:34) if they are truthful. The difference in language, style and content between the Quran and the other "Hadith" has been evident and is not denied even by those who believe in the Hadith as being genuine.

"These are the verses of Allah (God) which we rehearse to you with truth. Then in what Hadith will they believe after Allah and His verses? (Quran 45:6)."

The Quran's Verdict:

"And the messenger says, "O my Lord, my OWN people have forsaken the Quran." (Quran 25:30)

So dear friends, if you want to call yourself a Muslim you have no choice but to follow the Holy Quran and only this (and please research the meaning of the words, not all translations are true). To those offended by this statement, I can only say this; Read Allah’s word in the Quran, it should guide you to a true understanding. If it does not, it is because your heart is hardened and Allah has described these people also.

Allah truly knows best.

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