Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Do Muslims Lose?

Salamun alaikum friends,

Some have commented to me saying that Muslims do not lose due to the fact that many westerners convert to Islam. Their argument seems to be a bit off. The reason westerners convert to Islam is that they read the Quran, and despite of how the Muslims manage their countries, the westerners still are led to Islam by Allah.

This is not due to work by the Muslims themselves in general.

Look at the so called Muslim countries; full of corruption, tax evasion, prostitution, poverty, illiteracy, pollution, and any vice you may care to think of. Is this a model of society, a model for others to look at and to be impressed by the love, care and intelligence their countries are governed?

Are you impressed?

I am not. Look at our beloved prophet, pbuh, he made a model country while alive in the framework of what was possible at the time. Think of what he would have done for Indonesia or any Muslim country today. If you think the society of Taliban is the peak of achievement then I have to disagree. I also believe the reason they lost were because it was not according to Allah’s Deen. A society TRULY governed by Allah’s Deen is invincible. To say that Taliban lost due to the need to experience hardship according to Allah’s plan is to confuse what happen to individuals and countries. The countries that are governed in a just manner will be blessed. Allah love justice. An individual may suffer hardship due to Allah’s plan with that person and who he interact with. This is very different to what happen to a country.

We seem so proud to be a Muslim, I see very little to be proud of, BUT we born as Muslims should be VERY humble and grateful that we were born in a Muslim family. I am very sure that many of us would not seek the knowledge and have such an open heart that Allah would lead us to Islam if we were born in an infidel family.

My article was about why we Muslim loose, why our societies are not the kind other societies look at for inspiration. We are Muslims in name and in ritual observances, but we do not live and organize ourselves according to Allah’s Deen found solely in the Holy Quran.

So let us all try to be proud of what we can achieve as Muslims, to live according to the examples given in the Quran. I am sure that if enough of us do that in ANY country a change will come.


Anonymous said...

salam aleykoum!
Dear Tanty,
Your article s true and don't know how many can say that today. The Muslim society have a big problem today and that's because the first education starts from the house(family). If that family is only muslim by name and doesn't practise Islam and doesn't know the history of Islam, then ....everything is lost 100%. Now I live in Germany and I see that problem more: the children of muslim families don't know even how to pray, they know that they are muslims, but that's by name which they have, and they don't know anything about the Prophet(SAS)and his companions. And more problems ocure because there it is no main base.
That's all for the moment and InshaƔllah soon I'll talk more about problems which I see daily.

Bahr said...

Salamun Aleikum Mariam
I think you are wrong, the muslim children are steeped in the so-called Muslim-culture and do know how to do the Muslim rituals.

Sadly none of this is Allah's Deen.
Do read more of Tanty's posts and you will see that we all need to be re-educated and keep to the sole source of Islam, namly the Holy Quran.

read from this link to re-educate yourself

Anonymous said...

Salam aleykoum!
We had an argue long time ago abou one book. And a I did not agree with that book which both of you, you and Tanty, love it too much. But it isa lie.
Regarding re-education..yes, all of us mustre-educate ourselfs and to educate ourselfs about ISLAM. There are diferent opinions about IT, but ONLY ONE is the TRUTH. Which one do you prefer? The one from that BOOK belonging to an annonimous author and former pilot or the one of PROPHET MOHAMED(SAS), which it is the TRUTH? Insha'allah Allahdo guide us all to the right path!!! Amin!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam aleykoum!
I forgot to tell you about my opinion about all humanity. The people made life dificult and acctually it should be so easy. Why do people do that? Because Satan helps them so much and that's because of the promise done to Allah in the day Allah (SWT)created Adam? Because wanadays people run for daily needs and more then whatever it is necesary? Those days have been already prescribed and we know about it very well from the hadith, and the hadith should be study carefuly and too carefuly as well, because they ahave diferent opinions. Well, I'm not a philosofer and I am not trying, too. That's all!
PS I still love Tanty's lovely pictures. They are beautiful and expres her character. They show her soul and make her take out her anger. And that's good!!!

Bahr said...
Remember to scroll down

Salaam Mariam
There is ONLY one true book for a Muslim, it is the holy Quran.
The Hadiths are legends, there is NO garantie they are true, many go against the Quran, or common sence or science.
Many so-called Muslims hold more to the Hadith than the Quran. With that they show who is their lord, Muslim Bukhari etc, NOT Allah.

READ the Quran it will tell you what Allah say about this.