Sunday, November 30, 2008

Money Crisis

Salamun alaikum

Crisis, what crisis, an album from a band called Supertramp had a song called Poor Boy, and it seems fitting these days. Here are the lyrics;

Can you believe me when I say, "There's nothin' I like better"
Than just to sit here and talk with you
Although I'll rant and I'll rave about one thing and another
The beauty of it is so pure to me, though
I'm a poor boy
I can still be happy as long as I can feel free

So many people I know, get old way too early
(Well are you feelin' kind of weary?)
Just to impress you with the money they've made
(You better, you better, you better change your theory)
One drop of rain, they complain
It's the same about the ways they're earning

Well, that is not the way I'm gonna be
Don't mind the rain, don't mind snow, don't mind nothin'
If I know, you will be right here with me

We'll let her stay, don't mind a point of view
How can we all afford to live like you?
This simply life is simply not enough
We have no grievances, we must be tough

(Poor boy)
If that's the way it's gonna be
(Poor boy)
It's you for you and me for me
(Poor boy)

I've tried all I can, understanding, all the fools and all their money
When half of what they've got, you know they never will use
Enough to get by, suits me fine, I don't care if they think I'm funny
I'm never gonna change my point of view

Don't mind the rain, don't mind snow, don't mind nothin'
If I know, you will be right here with me, all the way
Na na na
Don't mind the rain, don't mind snow, dont' mind nothin'
If I know, you will be right here with me

once there were a song with these words.

Today there is a world wide economic crisis and I do not pretend in any way to understand it or have any solution. I will just ask you to read this article first, “An article on banking”. It is found on;

There you download and read the file “Anarticleonbanking.doc” There are other books there to read for free also, but this time I ask you to read the article on banking and money creation.

As you can see on this article and the links found therein, the creation of money is come to be a way for enslavement instead a blessing. Linked to the modern money system are interests and shares.

The Holy Quran tell us to earn our money on work, trade or investment, not earning from money (like having money in the bank and earn interest = usury).

Quran 2:275. Those who consume usury do not rise except as one being influenced by the devil’s touch. That is because they have said: “Trade is the same as usury.”

While God has made trade lawful, and He has forbidden usury. Whoever has received understanding from His Lord and ceases, then he will be forgiven for what was before this and his case will be with God. But whoever returns, then they are the people of the Fire, in it they will abide eternally.

Quran 2:276. God condemns usury, and He grants growth to the charities. And God does not like any wicked sinner.

Quran 2:277. Those who believe and do good works, and honor the affirmation, and contribute towards betterment; they will have their rewards with their Lord and there is no fear over them nor will they grieve.

Quran 2:278. O you who believe, be aware of God and give up what is left from usury, if you are truly believers.

Quran 2:279. And if you will not do this, then take notice of a war from God and His messenger; but if you repent, then you will have back your principal money, you will not be wronged nor will you wrong.

Quran 4:161. And for their taking of usury, while they were told not to do so, and for them consuming peoples money unjustly. We have prepared for the disbelievers amongst them a painful retribution.

There are other verses about how to earn our money and about usury. I hope more clever people than me will study this and come up with an economic system along the guidelines of Allah. This is needed in this world as the system of today with its cyclic crashes that harms so many people.

I know many Muslims today seem to think that normal bank-interest is OK, and living in this world it seem to be the only way to get your own home by borrowing money from the bank. We had to borrow money in the bank for steep interest, and every month we pay mostly interest and a small down payment.

This can not be right, and according to the Holy Quran it is NOT right. So my question to you all is; “What can we do?”

Many of the companies going broke today have a board of directors earning millions of dollars yearly. And these days they ask for government help, our help, and still they give themselves big bonuses; Greed, plain greed.

Since people without fear of Allah and judgment have no boundaries for their materialistic greed, so society needs to have laws and regulations to balance this behavior.

Many scream socialism and any –ism when there is talk about tax and regulations, but the reality is that we all need laws and the laws need to be aligned to Truth.

We as Muslims know this, we believe in the greatest law-giver of all, Allah the Exalted. So we Muslims should develop a new politic, free for tribalism, greed, fear and a system where those in power are truly the peoples servants. I do believe we need this now, and we all know what we don’t want as well as much of what we do want.

So brother and sister, go into politic, hold dear to the principles found in the Holy Quran and change the world. Make sure when seeking guidance you use the only fully detailed book on these matters, namely the Holy Quran.

May Allah bless us all.

PS. This article was written by Bahr.